The International Colloquium in Geohumanities. CLOSING CIRCLES. OPEN HORIZONS - VIII Colloquium of the History of Geographical Thought Group of the Association of Spanish Geographers will be held in Barcelona, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Ciutadella campus), from October 19th to 22nd, 2016.

Many events have drawn special attention to the transversality of many fundamental geographical concepts. Terms such as space, place, cartography, landscape, gender and globalization have become part of the language of various academic fields, and have also created new conceptual frameworks. In the meantime, these concepts have also become part of the popular culture, providing it with new geographically sound everyday metaphors. Furthermore, the increasing use of new geographical technologies is generating a new geographic “culture” that goes beyond what is learned in classroom or taught in the Academy. We are witnessing a situation where the geographical language is familiar to a wider public, allowing artists, writers, humanists, activists etc. to develop ideas, tools and geographical methods that are uncommon within the academic discipline, yet make a substantial intellectual contribution with works that critically question the existing basis of the multiple geographical realities.  

The concept of geohumanities emerges in this new global structure with the aim of joining the versatile production done by artists, academics, journalists, entrepreneurs, activists and other professionals in the very same framework of knowledge.  This common interest of exploring the new contexts, relations and perspectives of geography either in a shared or individual, practice-based, esthetical or philosophical manner is what describes geohumanities. The progress of this interdisciplinary debate has been embodied by significant works such as Envisioning Landscapes, Making Worlds. Geography and the Humanities  or  Geohumanities. Art, History Text at the Edge of Place, or the recent appearance of the journal Geohumanities. Space, Place and the Humanities published by the AAG. In a way, the name “Geohumanities” closes a circle reframing methods and topics of different geographic traditions but it also opens new horizons through a new transdisciplinary dialogs.