Barcelona from 3 to 6 September 2014
22nd Annual Workshop Transitions In Youth (TiY)

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The 22nd Annual Workshop Transitions In Youth (TIY) will take place at the Ciutadella Campus of Universitat Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona) on September 3rd to 6th 2014. The workshop will be hosted by the Sociodemography Group at this university.


In recent decades, in spite of a general reduction in the relative number of young people and a general increase in their educational attainment, there has been a worsening of the youth labour market situation in the OECD area (Preparing Youth for the 21st Century, OECD 2011). Such worsening is reflected in earnings, the relative risk of unemployment or underemployment and the delay in attaining a significant job. The on-going economic crisis has unfortunately deepened this process, making the need for research on transition from school to work even more pressing.

The 22nd Annual Workshop Transitions In Youth (TIY) will focus on the effect of the ongoing economic crisis on the prospects of young people at the point of entry into the labour market. Three broad areas will receive particular attention:

  • Impact of the crisis on educational participation. The Workshop welcomes research on the effect of the crisis on the length of the educational career and on transition difficulties early school leavers. Due to an increasing demand for skills in the labour market, this group has become more prone to exclusion and persistently poor labour market performance.
  • Dimensions of the education-to-work transition. Special attention will be paid to the increasing phenomenon of NEET (‘not in employment, education or training’), a phenomenon particularly prevalent amongst youth during the current recession. Other dimensions of interest are earnings, job security, occupational attainment, working conditions, or the effects of the crisis on the geographical and occupational mobility of school leavers, with a particular attention to the issue of over-education and over-skilling.
  • Effects of the education-to-work transition in terms of poverty, family formation and political participation. Finally, the Workshop welcomes contributions that address the consequences of the ongoing crisis for well-being, family formation, health and political participation.

The organisation encourages comparative research on the extent to which the growing risks mentioned above (early school leaving, discouragement, unemployment, low-paid work, adverse working conditions, geographical mobility, overskilling etc.) are unequally distributed across gender, ethnic origin and levels of education, and the institutional and political factors explaining cross-national differences.



Abstract submission deadline 31st March
Acceptance of abstracts 30th April
Registration opens 1st May
Registration deadline New deadline, 30th  June
New deadline, 22nd June

15th June
Full paper submission deadline 20th August





International workshop focused on the effect of the economic crisis in the labour market for young pleople
03/ 09/ 2014
International workshop focused on the effect of the economic crisis in the labour market for young pleople